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Finnish sauna (90°) | Turkish bath | Coloured sencory sauna (70°) | Relaxing footbaths | Icecold deluge buckets | Refreshing plunge-pool | Beautiful outdoor heated swimming pool (season)


Cosy bar and restaurant | Assortment of drinks: coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices, beers, wines and distilled beverages | Assorted menu: from snacks to meal salads and warm dishes | Fresh, tasty and affordable


Free parking | Intimate cosy lounge | Several (private) relax rooms | Television corner with free internet access and WIFI | Massage room | Beautiful enclosed garden with deck chairs | Smokers room

Opening hours

Monday | men only

12 am - 12 pm

Tuesday | men only
12 am - 12 pm

Wednesday | men only
12 am - 12 pm

Thursday | mixed day
(Ladies, gentlemen, couples)
12 am - 12 pm

Friday| mixed day
(Ladies, gentlemen, couples)
12 am - 12 pm

Saturday | mixed day
(Ladies, gentlemen, couples)
12 am - 12 pm

Sunday | men only
12 am - 12 pm

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From july 1st our sauna will be open again to have a nice swim, lovely meal and refreshing drinks, enjoying the sun and our famous so familiar atmosphere!

Meanwhile we have been quite busy so be surprised.

See you soon!

Welcome at Gaysauna Maastricht

Gaysauna Maastricht is situated in the Limburg hills in the peaceful hamlet of Kelmond. The sauna lies between the historic city of Maastricht on the river Maas and Maastricht-Aachen Airport and, strictly speaking, it falls within the municipality of Beek. Whilst the sauna is not within the city limits of Maastricht it is quite close at only 12 km, you can find a detailed route description on this website.

The name Gaysauna Maastricht was chosen not only for its clarity and recognition all over the world, but also because of the luxurious ring to it, the radiation of ambiance, the 'cozyness', the Burgundian athmosphere, the feeling of quality: all things that the sauna has in common with the beautiful capital of Limburg.

Gaysauna Maastricht is meant for men who want to enjoy a relaxing day off: for gays, bisexuals or 'open-minded' men.



Impression of our sauna